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    Toronto Pest Control Services

    360 Wildlife is a well-established pest control, wildlife removal and extermination company primarily serving Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, North York, Scarborough, Oakville, Milton, Burlington and Hamilton. Pest control can prove to be a real problem for just about anybody. Some of the most common and difficult pests to deal with include Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Ants, Rats and Mice. We also provide humane wildlife removal services. Whether you own a home, commercial or industrial building, removing wildlife such as Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Birds or Bats can prove to be an arduous task. We provide the fastest and most efficient pest control and wildlife removal services available in Toronto.
    Bed Bug Extermination

    360 Wildlife’s trained team of pest control professionals has the experience and acumen to handle your bed bugs problems adequately. For superior Toronto pest control services, call 360 Wildlife today!

    Cockroach Extermination

    Our expert team, here at 360 Wildlife Control, is capable of quickly reducing a large population of cockroaches down to zero. We are the best Toronto pest control company.

    Ant Extermination

    Our trained staff, here at 360 Pest Control, understands the life cycle, feeding habits and behavioural tendencies of all local species of Ants. Call us today for the best Toronto pest control company!

    Wasp Extermination

    Our trained experts, from the area of Toronto, will skillfully eradicate your premises of wasps and other unwanted lingering pests. Just in our trained wasp exterminators to do the job right the first time.

    Hornet Extermination

    Being in such close proximity to us, hornets need to be dealt with as soon as possible, and as professionally as possible. 360 Pest Control is your hornet extermination experts in the Toronto areas.

    Rats & Mice Removal

    Our team of highly skilled mouse and rat removal technicians are proficient in eradicating these pest rodents from premises in a short period of time. Call 360 Pest Control Services today!

    Raccoon Removal

    Once we have removed the raccoons from their place of residence, we ensure that the entrance is completely sealed so they cannot come in again. Call 360 Wildlife Control today!

    Squirrel Removal

    Our wildlife removal team has experience with squirrels and can prevent these unwelcome intruders from returning. Our squirrel removal methods are safe and humane.

    Bat Removal

    We will ensure that the bats are safely escorted to a more suitable environment and completely out of the way of your home or business. 360 Wildlife Control is your Toronto bat removal experts.

    Skunk Removal

    Here at 360 Wildlife Control, we understand that Skunks could be interfering with your peace of mind, business relations or personal comfort. Call 360 Wildlife Control today for a free inspection and estimate!

    Bird Removal

    We very strongly believe in the humane removal of all animals, including birds like pigeons, hawks, starling, robins and sparrows. We are your Toronto best bird removal company.

    Toronto Pest Control Services


    Contact Us Today!

    Toronto Pest Control Services
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